Re: Must Singaporeans ‘behave like pigs’?


Sometimes I wonder if the ST has a quota on how many “Singaporeans are rude” letters it has to publish annually as part of some dodgy courtesy campaign conspiracy spearheaded by that cute but rather evil courtesy lion, Singa (how much did we pay the guy to come up with that name?). Seriously though, these letters are getting old and they keep saying the same thing.

Singaporeans are rude.

Singaporeans are socially graceless.

Singaporeans are blah blah blah blah.

We get it already!

But like people who nag too much, these letters eventually become white noise. In one ear and out the other while passing that empty vacuum in between.

One of those letters complaining about Singaporeans’ complete disregard for courtesy and basic social grace and emphasizing how soulless and callous we all are, appeared in the ST forums today.

The full text, unedited and unabridged, is reproduced here:

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Watching that Malay Regiment special on Life Story…


… the first thing that went through my head was:

Who was that babe playing LTA Adnan’s wife? She’s got that oh-so-rare mixture of hot and sweet.

Me like. Lub her long time. Hubba hubba.

The next thing that went to my head was how much of my kind of officer LTA Adnan was. He worked his way up from a lowly private to a CSM before being commissioned. He knew what being a man feels like and wasn’t just posted in from SAFTI (or the 1930’s equivalent), thinking he knows everything there is to know and expecting the rest of the men to bow down to his uberness.

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